Reporting Rammers & Punishment for Passive Behaviors

Can anybody help me or guide me to the appropriate location to report these two players who purposefully rammed my planes in two different games?

I reported them in-game, but I have to seriously report them here on the forum to the GM’s attention.

Passive behaviors like this, ramming other fellow players on purpose is creating an extremely negative gaming experience, and it is never helpful to a team’s performance, thus these passive behaviors should not be tolerated and these two violators need to be punished. These two rammers are: BleauJawb, and CelticCujo.

When I inquired the former about his reason, he simply said: “My friend bets me $20 for doing that.” What? Seriously? What is this am I facing after so many years of playing this game?

Screenshots provided.

Thank you all.