Replay sensor view feedback

First off I want to say that the new sensor view in replay mode is replays is an absolutely amazing addition. It is a massive aid for understanding how engagements unfolded, and for big reporting radars and missiles.

I can however think of a few minor tweaks which would make this feature even better:

  • Add a readout to show the altitude of aircraft and missiles (this is the most important addition in my opinion) - altitude is just as important as speed for understanding engagements and it can be hard to judge visually (it would also help verify if missiles are lofting correctly)
  • Add the option to follow a missile after launch (in the same way the camera can be set to follow friendly and hostile aircraft) - It can be hard to keep track of the missile you are interested in when there are lots flying around
  • Perhaps add the option to display a translucent sphere around each missile representing the proximity fuse radius - this would help visualise how close a missile needs to pass in order to detonate and cut down on the amount of times people claim a missile didn’t detonate when it should have
  • Have the colour of the trail emitted by the missile change depending on whether the missile is in the boost, sustain, or coast stage of it’s flight - this would help with understanding the behaviour of different missiles in an engagement.
  • Add a readout for the current look angle of the missile’s seeker - this would be helpful to determine if angle was the limiting factor in a missile engagement. Personally I’m all for providing as many different readouts as possible, you can turn off the ones you don’t want, so the more information the better!
  • Add similar readouts (speed, altitude, flight time, etc) to unguided rockets - this is a pretty niche feature, but I can think of situations in which it would have been very useful for bug reports.

If anyone has any thoughts about my suggestions, or the sensor view in general then post them here I guess (I can’t see an official feedback topic for this feature yet).


It should be nice if markers changed color text depending on background. As screenshot show it is unreadable agains ground.

Also, if devs improved replays system, it it possible to improve overall experience from using replays. For example free camera is absolutely unusable because I can’t lock camera like I can in “Default view”.

Why camera in “free camera” has to move with mouse all the time???

I hadn’t even seen this, and I’m very much impressed.

This will be so good, and marks genuine progress in the replay system.