Replay Mode

How come you can’t see enemies at all times i the replay? Why can you not see the enemies POV. I got shot by a user with the name =BDGP= WangWX through about 5bushes and trees, but can’t prove with a video that he cheated because of how insanely stupid the replay mode is. What is the point of a replay if you can’t see the enemy or their pov. The point of a replay is not just to see what you did. But to see what the enemy did as well. Am I completely missing a feature that makes it possible or is the replay mode that insanely stupid?

You might have to watch replay again especially if you did so stright after the match

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The local saved replay is only what your computer knows. Use the server replays (“Streams and Replays”, or just navigate to it on the web) to see other players’ perspectives.


Thank you so much! I wondered why it would be like that otherwise, seemed way to dumb to not have everything viewable since you’ve already played the match.

Got the answer, I wasn’t looking in the streams and replays part, so I was looking in local saved replays. Thank you anyways!

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I dont use local replay. Me being on xbox

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Gotchu, I’m on PC so I do, or well, not anymore now that I know to not use it.

I noticed a few days ago I could go back to a specific point in the replay (on PC). Is this new? I thought I had to restart the whole replay before.

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Its a setting you can toggle on and off. It takes a little more space on your computer but it does give you the feature of reversing in the local replay.

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Is this not available for server replays? Also how can we download server replays as 1 file instead of multiple parts?