Replay Bugs Since Using It

Good day Friends

So i started using the in game replay feature quite some months ago, The problems i find most annoying with it are that when i change camera view from default i then start getting odd effects in the replay like it will loose some of its sound sources like gun fire effects and sounds, il shoot and it will be silent with no visuals of a shell even coming out the barrel i Then have to quit it and reload into the same reply, Also over the past week it constantly crashes back to desktop with some “Exception” error, This is new for me never had that error before in replay mode, Replay mode for me just generally acts messed up, Sometimes it will gltch abit and stop then restart ect

Im running a Ryzen 5 4.00ghz
16 gb ram currently looking to upgrade to 32gb soon
Geforce RTX 3060 OC
Duel SSD drives one for windows main and other for just games including war thunder
Every driver is up to date and im pretty confident none of these issues are related to anything my end

Had anyone else experienced this?