Repeating PlayHints not working

I wanted to create a trigger that a when a team captured a ground capture point, a message would pop up telling both teams that Team “A” or “B” captured the zone or anything I typed in the PlayHint. It worked the first time, however, when the same team recaptured the point, the message would never appear again. So I thought I could fix this by using the enableAfterComplete function, but all that did was keep the message on the screen forever and it never came off. Does anyone know how to get a repeating message that doesn’t stop working after the first cap? Thanks!

I’ve got a message that shows on each time on entering a zone. The Event is set to “periodicEvent” with the time being 0.01 rather than “initMission”. This allows the script to be run again once complete unlike just once with “initMission”

if you still have you problem, try to enable trigger when used to make a boucle between your 2 scritps

Thank you both, I’ll try it out and see what happens.