Repeating Crashes since 2 Patches

I Have been having Struggle with my War thunder as it crashes infrequently after a certain time off playing. Already tried Reinstalling ,downgrading my Driver and fully reinstalling war thunder none off those seemed to Fix it.

Here Are the Errors im Getting


Any Help would be appreciated

Hello @Derminator404,

Your using Linux right? Could you please post your full system information from the inxi -F command?

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Sure here are the system infos

System (1.5 KB)

Thank you, Could you please submit a bug report on our bug reporting platform?

Making sure to upload all the required files and information. So that would be the latest .clog, .zip and .dmp files from a session in which this crash happens as well as a screenshot of the error and your full system information from the inxi -F command like yo have done here.