Repeated drops from the workshop?


I think I posted this in the platform specific section already, but I will post in the general branch in case someone could help from here.

so I spent a bit over 200 euros on golden eagles to buy the ‘Night Vision’ pack at the item shop. (Don’t judge my financial blunders, please, lmao) I really wanted to buy the Firefly skin from it. Took me dozens and dozens of attempts, didn’t get it.

Started utilizing the “Random camouflage from the Night Vision trophy” option at the workshop eventually, it says there shouldn’t be any repeated drops, but I tried it 3 times and I only got repeat drops… I have a screen recording of this as well.

Mainly I just want to know if there is a way I can get refunded for at least the 24 packs which I had to open because of the promise of getting skins I don’t already have? Or any compensation what-so-ever? Honestly a bit frustrated, if I had known the voucher exchange does give repeat drops (even though it says it doesn’t) I wouldn’t had bought a single pack.

I don’t know how to contact war thunder’s customer support because my psn-bound account apparently cannot log in on their support page, so any help would be greatly appreciated… :(