Repair's getting reset when caught on fire

As we all know, the repair system is really annoying, I want thoughts on ur guys of when repairs get reset at around 2-3 seconds left when ur tank catches on fire, its really annoying, they should pause the repair instead of resetting it.

I’d prefer some type of “temp repair” or “stages” once you reach a certain treshold

Get’s really annoying when you have to repair a breech for around 40 seconds, get it down to like 5 seconds and suddenly you either get shot which brings that timer right back up or you manually cancel it because you need to relocate

Maybe once you reach 90% of repairs on a part it should do a partial fix, such as bringing it either to yellow or orange, letting you possibly take a shot that can save you or at least let you decide wether a full repair is worth it in that moment

Or something similiar i remember reading about the reload mechanic where there’s stages for the loader so if he’s interuppted or something he’ll return to the stage “checkpoint” it had reached instead of having to reset fully again


For repairs other than the engine it just shouldn’t automatically lose all progress

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I agree with this, only if gaijin actually cared about its player base, I hope this would get added, as its VERY annoying.