Repair costs

maan, i hate repair cost’s i get 36k sl from a toptier match and i get 6k sl after getting killed 3 times. I can’t even earn sl.

Top tier is usually a sink for silver lions if you perform poorly (like dying 3 times in high repair vehicles). The latest economy has made silver lions a lot more maintainable as well as achievable. If you are free-to-play then this would make sense, and remarkable that you still managed to gain silver lions in top tier.

I play top tier GRB only. And I’ve found after these “changes” you pretty much have to place in the top 4 or 5 to gain anything. Pretty much anything below that and I lose 10-30k SL per battle. Of course we have to account for deaths and repairs as you’ve said. Just something I’ve seen a pattern of recently. It’s still difficult to gain SL, especially if you only play top tier USA or a few other nations and we know how the games go most of the time. I don’t think I need to list the things that happen it’s well known.

I agree. I don’t think top tier is entirely sufficient to be getting silver lions. It feels like the game is pushing a narrative that the higher in battle rating you climb, not only do you gain stronger vehicles, but you also have to perform better against other skilled players to gain something reasonable. Giving top tier a “the best of the best” look.

Unless Gaijin decides to let go of this “the best of the best” narrative for top tier, it would probably be more sufficient to grind silver lions in lower tiers, and use top tier to exercise skill.

But I digress to the topic, silver lions is indeed still hard to make in top tier.

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