Reorganize German Tanks Tier I Tech Tree

During the 16.05.2023 update that we all loved most changes that were made to tech trees didn’t make sense for progression, but some did. Specifically, certain german tier 1 vehicles were shuffled around to make light tanks unlock other light tanks and SPGs unlock SPGs. As it is now (See image no.1) We begin Tier 1 with an armored car, then 3 SPGs, while on the oppossite side we have light tanks that lead to the Stug (another SPG).

I propose this to be changed so that the first column begins with the 222 armored car and unlocks the light Pz 35 and 38s while the last column is reserved exclusively for SPGs (the halftrack, the panzerjager, the 15cm and the stug (not neccesarily in that order)) to give more coherence to the initial progression.

This is how the tech tree currently looks:

This is how it looked for the May update (just as reference):

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I really liked the reorganization of the rank 1 German tanks and I fully support it coming back!