Removing vehicles from crew slot (Crew Dismissing)

[Would you like to see feature that let you sell vehicles from your Crew Slot?]
  • Yes, i need it.
  • No, i don’t need it

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[How much will be appropriate to refund Crew Train Cost]
  • 100%
  • 50%
  • 0%
  • Other (Write in comment)
  • I have answered “No” in previous question.

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I suggest feature to let player remove vehicles from crew slot and have refund some portion of Crew Train Costs.

Interface could be like:

Removing(Selling) vehicles from Crew Slots can partly solve problem to the players who want to swap and re-order their Crew Slot which is technically unavailable.

Already, many users want to change the order of Crew Slots. Demands that want to change order can be fulfilled by dismissing the Crew and train it back in another slot. Even though you could lose Silver Lions.

Secondly, Removing(Selling) vehicles from Crew Slots can solve miss clicking and training wrong Crew Slot and wasting your Silver Lions.

Many users actually mistakenly train vehicles in different slot from the slot they want. You can contact Gaijin Support for this, but there are conditions and it takes a long time. By removing vehicles from crew slot in game, users can solve problems quickly and have a better user experience if they have more choices.


I just dont see a reason not to have this. Gaijin even said it themselves they would let us move slots around if they could, but its a technical engine issue. This seems like an awesome and sensible workout to letting us rearrange crews if possible.

This would be a massive QOL improvement. Having organized lineups would just be so nice. Massive game improvement


I voted yes and 50% refund. Though this doesn’t take into account the expert and ace crew qualifications for said vehicles, would you get some refund for those as well or would they remain on the crew in case you wished to assign the vehicle to that crew again in the future?


That a good point, I didnt think about it. in my opinion, as in World of Tanks, which i inspired this idea, it would be nice to qualification be remained.

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I think refunding it would just make sense

Gaijin also needs to do a massive across the board cost decrease though

I think it is a great QoL feature, while I was still learning to play the game I used to buy several planes and some crews are overloaded with information now, it would be good to clean the tab to have only vehicles that I like to play.
Screenshot 2023-12-14 090207

Regarding the refund…it would be fair, but considering the game requires that user have engagement time I would expect it to be implemented without the refund, the user will request to erase and a popup will inform that everything spend on training for this crew will be lost. Not that I am against the refund but it is the reality of things.

Anyway I would like this to be implemented.

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I couldn’t tell you why, but I like the idea of giving ~75% back. Also, the percentage should probably be higher for lower their vehicles.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.