Remove wyvern air spawn and make it 4.7

Yeah .It’s me. Again. I’m posting in the hope that something can be done to one of the most imbalanced vehicles in this game. It occurs once every three games today that I see wyverns climbing and then shoot down bombers/fighters. It’s getting worse.
Yes, we have SB2C and B7A2 with dogfight capabilities. But they sacrificed their bomb capacity. And they cannot run away from fighters with ease. But what about wyverns? They can do almost everything you want. You can BnZ easily, cause you have air spawn and turbo piston engine from 1953. You can do your CAS job and you have 4 20mm guns to burn pillboxs. You can play like an intercepter because you are more powerful than fighters in this BR so why not? You can be a bomber cause you have strike aircraft spawn, enough payload and more than enough speed to make sure you can steal bases from those real bombers. B-25 is also 4.0, look at its speed and payload! What a joke. And it’s got dive bomber spawn. I know most wyvern players are ground hogs and don’t even know how to fly, but that is not the reason you put it at br 4.0, otherwise we’ll see T-72AV at br 8.3.
I know snail wants money badly, but this, this is not ok. Wyverns literally ruin ARB 3.0 to 5.0. So please, remove its air spawn and make it 4.7. Do this to save ARB.


And another thing. I really hope those idiots won’t head on wyverns anymore. Changing the br of wyvern won’t save these fools