Remove top rounds from IPM1 and M1A1 and leave at 10.7

  • Move M1A1 and IPM1 to 11.0 like planned.
  • Remove their top rounds and leave M1A1 and IPM1 at 10.7

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With the recent discussion around the July 2023 BR changes, I don’t feel like I was heard. Gaijin plans to move the IPM1 and M1A1 Abrams to 11.0 because they are currently performing too well at their current BR. I hope for a better solution which would be removing their current best performing shells from research leaving them with only M833 and M829. Both tanks are from the mid 80s and their top shells are from the late 80s, so it makes sense that they can be removed for balance reasons. I feel like this is a better option for the American tree because it will give players moving up through the tech tree a smoother adjustment before making it to top tier. With the current proposed changes, the American tech tree is going to have an unplayable gap from 9.3-11.0, unless you either have access to event vehicles or premium vehicles to put in your line up. America will only have 1 medium tank between 9.3-11.0 after the changes go into effect. Most of the tanks available are light tanks or spaa. Each of those vehicles are fine in their category, but America will lack any vehicles that can fight in a head on attack. This is not what balanced gameplay looks like and it is going to have a negative impact on teams and win rates. Also moving up these two mid 80s tanks put them against more modern vehicles at a more frequent rate where their armor which was only decently reliable in a down tier. They will now become glass cannons, which will not be fun to play so most players will likely skip these vehicles or make them a 5th or 6th line backups. We all know that the majority of top tier players just don’t spawn that many times on the ground. My question is why is a tank that is historically known for its heavy armor represented in war thunder in such poor fashion?

They dominated 10.7 because of their overall mobility and gun handling, the rounds they had was only a relatively small factor.

They could take away those rounds and they would still run rampant at that BR, its not really an option.

Moving up to 11.0 is the best choice.

Make some suggestions then, future tanks can always be added for that range.

M900 stays or the tank is dead.
Anyone that threatens my IPM1’s M900 round I fought tooth & nail for on the old forum for is my metaphorical enemy.

@MuricaxSuffers IPM1 eats through all Soviet tanks.


whats the point of having m900 if you have to fight vs even better armored tanks ?
m833 was enough vs most tanks

“all” ? im more then 90% sure you can’t lol pen the ufp of a t80bvm or t72b3 with it
And if i lose m900 BUT can still lol pen most idiots in t72av with m833 im ok with it

M833 is nothing compared to M900.
I use IPM1 in my top BR lineup and always will, M900 is a necessity.
Also I don’t need to hit UFP on T-80BVM, never have and they still light up like a candle every shot.

Gonna leave the poll open for another week. Give people a chance to see how this new BR effected these tanks and give them a chance to live their balance. I’ll close the poll on the 14th.

Or how about a better point, dont move them to begin with.

Only the M1IP was actually usable to begin with and M829 is hot garbage compared to most other 10.7 rounds even now. M829 is a 9.7 round sitting at 10.7+ which is just comical, and M829A1 is just starting to be a usable 10.3+ round, removing A1 from the M1A1 and putting it at 10.7 is just daft, its arguably a worse base M1 at that point and that tank is also overtired at 10.3.

The M1A1 had no reason to go up to begin with, maybe the M1IP but even then, there are vastly superior offerings that still already exist at similar or lower BRs.

This is just another case of gaijin hating on the M1 series.

M1A1 uses M829A1 currently.

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America can never have anything nice gaijin always stabs us in the back (leave at 10.7 and keep top rounds)


11.0 is fine, and below the relative BR it was 9 months ago.
I say this as the #1 IPM1 fan in the game.

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II believe the M1A1 is good to move up to 11.0, but I think the IPM1 should be left at 10.7. The M1A1 now has almost 80 mm more penetration on its top round and it has more advanced (and effective) blowout panels. If anything, could the 2 tanks be switched in the tech tree since the m1a1 was designed and manufactured after the ipm1? (and since it has better characteristics overall besides the reload)

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Poll closed. Sorry been a month. I haven’t touched War Thunder in over a month and I forgot about this poll.

uh huh You know people like you are full of B.S