Remove the Bradley missile launcher deployment gimmick

I am fully aware that in real life not retracting the missile launcher can damage it, however its also a manual procedure (its not lowered automatically, it requires input from the gunner) meaning that you could hypothetically just not retract it, and war thunder doesn’t really simulate any kind of malfunction or damage to poorly designed or unreliable parts.
I see no reason why this death-causing gimmick couldn’t be removed for the sake of balance, especially if its supposed to stay in 10.0 alongside peers like the BMP-2M, Dardo and Freccia IFVs.


This point will be easier to make if examples of other vehicles not being operated as strictly as per the manual already exist in the game, Given the sheer number of vehicles, I’m sure that it’s more than likely the case (particularly when it’s for balance reasons)

But yes I agree, not that I find it all that likely they will change it.

I really like this idea but sadly gaijin isn’t going to implement this since it’s not a soviet vehicle


Well the first example that comes to mind is the MiG-9 was not allowed to fire its guns at certain altitudes because the fumes would kill the engine iirc, i believe the 23mm had a “ceiling” of 5000 meters and the 37mm was even lower.

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Barrels do not suffer collision penalties why is the Bradley and other similar launcher mechanisms forced to suffer collision related mechanics? It’s both unrealistic as in real life the gunner has control of the folding and ingame it makes zero sense as barrel collision is not modeled.

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