Remove tanks that no longer in game

Hey why can’t you dev remove the Tiger II (10.5 cm Kw.K) completely out even people that own it because it sound is broken that no one can hear it and away over powered or just have it for show but not for any battles

People who already have it won’t be removed from them.


That would only work if they had something to compensate it for. I am pretty sure the 105 was a premium.

Nope, none of those German vehicles were ever premium vehicles, they are all former tech tree vehicles, the only time a premium vehicle was ever removed was the M60a1 for Italy because they removed an unhistorical stabilizer it had and moved it to 7.7 so it was overpriced so they removed it from sale and then later replaced it with the OF-40 MTCA and later brought the M60a1 to be available for purchase, however the vehicle was never removed and was just made a hidden one no vehicle has truly been fully removed, at best they will never be possible to earn again and are made into hidden vehicles.

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ah ok. Still would need compensation for grinding it out then.

They actually don’t, if you don’t know what they do is that for the researchable vehicles that are being removed as long as you have any rp researched for getting them then you will still have the opportunity to get the vehicle even once they are made into hidden vehicles so you would be able to research them just as if nothing happened, only now if they didn’t replace that vehicle you would be able to research whatever came after the removed vehicle assuming you don’t have to research more vehicles of that tank to do so which those vehicles still count to getting towards the next rank of course, and as for those who have researched the vehicles fully they keep the vehicle in the exact state they had it before it was made hidden and nothing changes for them, at most the only change will be is that it will now be located for them under the non-tech tree vehicle list, in other words the only people who lose anything are the ones who never even put research into them but they aren’t owed anything since they started researching them. I literately have all of those fake vehicles and that’s literally what happened.


He is referring to the OPs odd request to remove the vehicles from those that currently have them, not the process they were achieved (as with the Maus still being on offer sporadically to show it is no longer really a valid vehicle but still obtainable, unlike the 3 that were replaced with a new SPAA and the M48, and probably considering the drop with the first Leo so no gaps left).

And remember the OPs reasoning is because the 10.5cm "makes no sound’.

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While yes the OP request is nonsense I explained all of that in the sense of how they were removed in-game, though yeah I over though the comment though the reason I wrote it as I did was because I think that it would be an unrealistic prospect to actually have gaijin remove the vehicles fully from the game, such a thing has never happened and doing this would also make people unhappy for them hypocrites since the F-16AJ is just as paper of a vehicle as them but has a valid reason to be in-game not to mention the R2Y2’s, removing any of them would be a slap in the face to anyone who has them in-game, it’s easier and simpler for them to always just make those vehicles unavailable to research and let anyone who does have them keep them. Honestly though in terms of my response to what the OP said, well that certainly sounds like a bug, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed, if you get to that point of being that salty I would say it sounds like a skill issue if you think something that is fixable has to be just straight up removed as a whole as a solution, I wouldn’t call the Tiger 2 105 OP and honestly it’s more like you become something more akin to an IS-2 since you get a big gun with good pen and explosive filler but you sacrifice the reload speed, in comparison the Panther II has the long 88 and has better mobility than any other panther and doesn’t trade off anything for it in-game besides it being a higher br.

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No worries, just felt the flow of the thread might have gotten a bit lost. I think you can explain the situation until you are blue in the face but those that do not want to understand won’t.

CV90105 TML, removed entirely and replaced by the CV90105 XC-8 granted those who owned the TML got the new XC-8 version, the TML just simply no longer exists

Tiger II (10.5 cm Kw.K) is a premium vehicles look at war thunder wiki [de Radio Demon@live] and you said it is not who is lying you or War Thunder?

No, it is not and it never was. I researched it when it was still in the tech tree, just in between the standard Tiger II (H) and the Maus.


then why is it in war thunder wiki and war thunder have saying it?

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No, it isnt. It was main tree, but is considered gift to those who own it. Not premium ever.

It was introduced to the main tree during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update 1.41 as a main tree vehicle, however, as of Update 1.91 “Night Vision” it was shifted to become a gift vehicle for players who previously owned it.



still under Premium vehicles and still need be Re-moves as it a FAKE TANK! Tank was never made so 100% Fake and need be Removed from game and people that own it. if they add that let just add the Landkreuzer P1000 Ratte and Landkreuzer P1500 Monster in to since also FAKE!

Literally anything that isn’t a tech tree vehicle falls under that’s section including gift vehicles, event vehicles, squadron vehicles, and vehicles which have been removed, Gaijin has said it time and again to literally everyone they responded to who cry and complain about how they want gaijin to add the Tiger II 105, Panther II, and Coelian (aka the Flakpanzer 341) and every time they give an answer it always has and will likely always be no, their existence as permanent hidden gift vehicles is not gaijin trying to say they plan to go as far add all of a sudden a mass of new fake vehicles, not to mention if they have to fill certain gaps they might go to that length if left with no other choice such as with the F-16AJ.

Their are many more things to argue about in war thunder than the remaining existence of those vehicles in-game, and their is no reason outside of the one you stated the have them fully wiped from the game altogether which only serves to satisfy the people who want “historical immersion” despite it being a video game, if you really want such levels of historical accuracy then you would be best off not playing normal matches but finding a Milsim community because this is a video game.

One last thing is that I shall share a “secret” about gaijin, they prioritize gameplay over historical accuracy, they won’t go further to remove those German vehicles unless they became such a problem for gameplay that they couldn’t balance them, which they never will.


I think they swapped it to premium for a short time. because I remember seeing it as a premium

If you can’t hear it and think you’ve got a bug affecting you, then report it accordingly. (At least after verifying your files and doing all the right steps to check your end)

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No, it never was premium. It was introduced as a tech tree vehicle and then moved to the side.

Also it is in no way broken or overpowered. I dont get what the OP’s issue with it is…


Removing that tank will not make you better player.

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