Remove roundel and insignia country limits in-game.

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Hi all,
As we all should well know, one of the greatest aspects of this game is the fact one can customize their vehicles with all different manner of emblems and symbols within the game, it is one aspect of War Thunder that I dearly love, but there is one portion of the customisation system that is heavily restricted, and that is the roundels and insignias menu in-game. this restriction stops one from putting many of the different roundels onto certain nation’s vehicles, such as placing the New Zealand Air Force roundel, (one I am most partial to) onto any nation other than Britain and America, which simply will not do.

I believe that removing or heavily reducing this restriction from the game allowing players to place the emblems of their chosen country upon the many hundreds of unique vehicles in-game will be a great service to the player base and greatly appreciated as in games such as this, the more customization possible, the better.

I am aware that this restriction was originally brought into the game to prevent the misidentification of other players within sim battles, primarily air SB, and as I do not play air SB I can not comment too much on the impacts there, however, The vast majority of the games player base never touch SB in any form, and restricting emblems in the other game modes is redundant as all friendly players have UI bubbles above their vehicles, and any Team kills resulting in ab or rb game modes are either intentional or impossible to conduct.

I would therefore suggest that the meaningless restriction being placed on the customization of vehicles in-game with national emblems be removed, and a new system allowing for separate custom settings to be set aside for sim battles to be implemented.

any suggestions or comments on this topic would be appreciated.

Gajin recently added an optional button under the customization of vehicles tab in settings allowing one to switch off all decals on other people’s vehicles, i believe that makes my above argument about the free use of any decal all the stronger I would think.


I mean as you point out yourself these restrictions were put in place to prevent players disguising their vehicles as other nations. But I’m on board with your suggestion of removing at least some of the restrictions.


I don’t think this argument is very valid anymore. A bigger issue especially in Sim with identifcation of friend and foe is the fact that opposing teams fly the same aircraft or drive the same tanks. So many F-84’s, Starfighters, Thunderbolts,…

That you’re a) close enough and b) in an angle that you even see the roundel is already rare.

Next graver issue is that the country combinations are completely arbitrary, and do not follow historical/geopolitical situations.

I really think this restriction should go.


+1, but only if theres an option to hide other players non nation specific camos, like how we can hide non historical camis, the last thing we need is players disguising as other nations, especially in sim

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Well as I also said I’m entirely for removing the restriction. There’s little point to it in air sim cause as you say everybody has the same bloody planes and the nations can be set up however you want. Ground is a bit more restrictive on the vehicles you can bring against eachother and it’s generally easier to ID by colours and camos so there’s not much need for it there.
It’d probably be fairly easy to just remove restriction from all the air roundels which is really the point of this suggestion.

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I can see your point there but I do play ground SB occationally. In SB where factions share multiple vehicles with adversary, let’s say WWII Italy and cold war China, do rely on the roundels and insignias for identity. As a matter of fact, to play said vehicles, I have to place multiple IFF marks on all aspects of the chassis and turret to effectively reduce the chance of getting team killed. If player were given ability to place hostile roundels and insignias, it would simply ruin both sides’ experience. I don’t play air SB either but I can see the similar problem here.

Unless Gaijin implements a system that seperates AB/RB decorations and SB decorations, I wouldn’t support this change.


Yes, but only if there is an option to not see ahistorical roundels applied by others in-game, like with camos.


+1. I want to customize my french shermans according to reality and it’s so frustrating I can’t put the white star on them.


Meanwhile you can put the star on British vehicles without an issue, and I agree to that, but it’s not fair, since France was also an allied country and definitely used it.

(I also want my East German T-55 and Shilka guh).