Remove R-27ER

Right, it is vastly overperforming in most ordnance in the game. In fact it is what is overperforming in almost all airframes as well. This is an arcade game, not a sim. What particular aspect are you upset with?

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I think this game is much more leaned towards sim than arcade.

Let’s be real.

An arcade flight game is Ace Combat and the surrounding titles.

You can clearly see the stark difference in flight behavior, so to call this an arcade game is very unappreciative.

It’s not a sim, I’ve been wrong about this before. While gaijin appreciates accuracy to a certain degree this is something that is overlooked for gameplay. I ask again - what exactly in regards to reliability are y’all wishing was amended?

Well certainly is not an arcade game.

Also. I believe he said that he is not talking about reliability but rather the performance it was designed to show.

It is over performing by design ingame and thus has to be fixed in that regard.

Disregard anything about reliability, this was not my conversation regardless.

According to Gaijin it is.

Sure, if so what specific stuff do we want to discuss? Are they equally impatient for the same changes on other ordnance? Are they aware that the AIM-7F still overperforms kinematically for example?

The finger pointing and crying for specific items to be fixed is usually very one sided.


I am for everything to be historically accurate so lets start making bug reports than discussing here.

If what you say about the 7F is true which very well probably is why don’t you start a bug report or at least guide others that want to do it.


The report is already made, the user is also working on other reports last I spoke with him @piiot

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Ah pilot 😂

The aspects of its overperformance has been clarified by now, you saw them. No need to reiterate.

I don’t think you’ve clarified, or at least I haven’t seen it in this thread. Could you please just elaborate?

You saw them, you know as you were in the same discussion. And I’m not the guy you enjoy yapping around pedantics with.

Now you’re just wasting everyone’s time. You could at least link where you stated the information.

Even then, it would still need to apply across the board and that wouldn’t benefit you I’m sure.

Stop putting an act, trying to gaslight gets you nowhere. You have the other guy you can entertain

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There isn’t an act. I’m not being malicious in any way. If you don’t want to actually further discussion or make your point valid that is fine. I’ll leave it at that.

You do know that his account activities haven’t been set to private so you can easily search the relevant activity section for keywords; like “R-27”.

I don’t see anything that specifically relates to what he’s discussing, I asked for clarification and it wasn’t given… I guess he thinks I’m messing with him but that isn’t the case.