Remove R-27ER

Cause it costs far more than the 18 - 62% extra range over R-77 and R-77-1.
Especially when R-77-1s only cost 2018 ~$500,000 per unit.
R-27EA was more made to give legacy platforms a longer lifespan, and an alternative.
The venture failed, and Russian air force instead chose to end service for all aircraft that couldn’t fire R-77s.


I’m especially confused why it’s “C-6/7”, seeing as both were entirely different major modifications.

Cause I forget if I saw anything on C6.
All I know is C7 definitely has the filtering, and C5 doesn’t to the knowledge I’ve attained.

R-77 had far better ranged performance.

They did? It was used on base Su-35s and Su-37s for fire testing, and was interchangeable with any other R-27.

R-77s cost about 100k per missile. The R-27EA/EM would have been about 130k per.
Upgraded R-27s were already extremely expensive for the time. Having modern systems stuffed into them only worsened that, while the R-77 was being refined from the ground up with cost in mind.

Lower cost, worse ranged performance.

There was R-27EA and R-27EM. The EM’s only purpose was to be integrated with the Su-33’s avionics and was specifically meant for naval use.

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The C6 is effectively a domestic C5, and if I remember correctly the C5 has a better motor while the C6 has both the motor and an improved detonation system.

multipath filtering ?

Mica has it for sure, i’d be surprised if no amraam being a B model or more didn’t have it, but idk

Later MICA does. First gen MICA lacks it.

there is only one generarion of mica.

Mica right now is still the good old one from the 1990’s / 2000’s, and it does have multipath filtering IRL


Then why isn’t she on the R-77?

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i’m not in favour of removing it, i’m not in favour of reducing it’s G load. I’m in favour of making it have it’s real rocket power on the first stage instead of twice it’s real life amount plus the drag it should have due to it’s massive fins; that would give ample time to defend. Same thing for the r27et. The rest of SARH missiles are anemic.

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not a game breaking missile? You can’t go cold, can’t notch and forget (it will retrack if you stop going perfectly perpendicular to the radar beam), it still strikes you through terrain clutter because it’s the size of a damn Ford Ranger and gives you no time to defend (of which the only method is to hide behind a tall mountain since the missile will go straight til it uses all of it’s maneuverability to hit you unlike sparrows that wil follow the target’s every move til they either hit the ground on the first correction or simply bleed out of energy mid flight), the situation is worse for the r530f and r530d magic missiles France has, and let’s not talk about Sweden with the aim7e2. Sure, they don’t have anything because they literally had nothing between that and the MICA and AMRAAM but that is no excuse to keep the r27er and et the way it is. Air RB from 10.3 an ahead is about who can kill who the quickest, both in the wall of death and in the furball. That happens to be Russia in all of the situations because not only the r27er is great at long distance coupled with r73s, the r27er laughs at the British SRAAM in close range maneuverabilty. Not to mention how absolute booboo the nato radars are.

Check that INCREDIBLE multipath interference. No wonder why sparrows miss 90 percent of the time on targets flying a skyscraper above the ground.

Because it probably requires a lot of dynamic processing of signals, and as we know Soviet / Russian microelectronics, leave something to be desired in terms of performance in comparison to western examples.


Identical interference as Mig-29 and Su-27.

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It’s complete nonsense. Don’t draw conclusions based on stereotypes and guesses


Which missiles ARH missiles from the last dev server has multipath filtering? Or do none of them.

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None of them, unfortunately.


Have you not played the Fulcrum or Flanker? the ER is mad stupid and is literally the best SARH Missile in the game the only thing that comes close is the French 530D Super. Even aware enemies will still die unless they are having to use the Multipathing weakness to dodge it. The only way you aren’t dying to it is being higher, farther, and able to bleed its speed and energy. Yes the ER is stupidly OP and disgustingly good. If you are struggling to get kills with it skill issue. If you think it isn’t imbued with the most pure form of Russian Bullshit Aerospace Magic then can I have some of that top grade copium you are smoking?

I have literally nailed people rear aspect at ranges in excess of like 6-7km something that the Sparrow can’t do consistently. Or rather really at all. Don’t think exploiting Multipath is not learning how to fight them… it is like the only effective way. You can’t break the lock so you need to bleed the energy which only helps if you know what you are doing and are above it.

Have to ping you since you accused all skilled players in WT community of an insult; while defending your precious Russian equipment in the process.

I have played both.
The R-27ER is only good at fragging jets not using fighter doctrine, and that’s it.

R-27ER cannot be OP cause an OP missile has to be universally fragging the playerbase more than all other missiles… it’s not.
R-27ERs only fragging me in ground battles doesn’t make for a great missile.

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How me stating the ER is OP for its dumb speed, acceleration, maneuverability (that is on par with IR Missiles) is me defending RU Equipment. If anything the ER needs a nerf.

That is a massive lie. The only poor tactic is attempting to dodge it, while the radar is locked on you. You want to beat it hit the deck and turn once you see the offending aircraft stop locking you.

A Missile can be OP and not have a 100% kill and or hit rate. Like I said before what makes the missile OP is its stats, and how the come together to make the missile as good as it is. OP =/= 100% frag rate. Get that through your skull.

That right there is a skill issue. As well as a massive lie. I severely doubt that claim.

If you have then you wouldn’t think the Sparrow is anywhere near the same level as the ER.

I am accusing you of a skill issue, as quite frankly it is, especially if your deaths in GRB come from a ER if what you claim is true. Also not getting kills in ARB with the ER is massive cope and extreme skill issue.

Any other retorts or are you done being the entire circus.