Remove R-27ER

cope more, if you cant beat them join them

nah youre just fighting enemies whos only defense is hugging the ground or going cold because they arent willing to learn to fight them

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Any other arguments ?

The effect is likely too strong compared to IRL, at least for late SARH and let’s not even mention the ARH they tested in march.

What can i say

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I might have to try out some dogfights against it

I’m unable to tell if it’s just busted or I somehow never bumped into a competent 1v1 player in my 120 or so matches.

Wanna mess around with it and find out?

What are you up to in 2 hours?

More work, I expect to be back at about 2100-2300 GMT. I get back home around there, then my plan is to go shopping quickly and be home

If you wanna PM we can chat on discord til then

I do have every platform except mirages. Flankers are the best in my experience and team top performers are mostly flankers and mig29’s from what I’ve seen lately.

I also do quite decently in gripen/f-16c but with a very passive gameplay where I try to climb and get unspotted to launch aim9m’s from above, because their radars and RWR allow for good situation awareness. Aim9m for me is unreliable against aware people, but good for sneaky orbital strikes because they ignore the occasional flare or missile launch at distance.

But for just pure aggressive meta gameplay, I would pick a flanker every time, which works better to snowball a win. Not everyone is skimming the ground all the time as people say they do, R-27ER’s are still my primary weapon to get kills.

Just don’t expect to get stuck in a furball with a flanker and do well, instead do hit-and-run tactics, a flanker is still a good dogfighter but only when left alone because you’ll be doing stall maneuvers and spamming R-73s

Got the fulcrum recently, turns out the R-27ERs are great and the FM, but the radar isnt. Overall I like the airframe than not but eh, the avionics are so bad. Cannons deal decent damage but the ammo pool is a bit limited.
The missile is very strong but its made up(or down) with a rather inferior radar+RWR complex I guess.

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there would be R-27 + R-77 vs aim-120a mostlikely same time period

R-27EA is superior to R-77, so no it shouldn’t be added.

They are not OP, this game doesn’t nerf things because they’re OP as this focuses on realism, and killing unaware targets is something I can do with AIM-7 as well.

R-73s would make Mig-29s 12.7, not 12.3, which the Mig-29s are already 12.7. So no needed.

No you don’t. Everyone would go back to arcade battles and never play that mode.
That system just makes Soviets and Germans to be OP.

Edit: Russians upset that I disagree.


this be my problem.
a lot of aircraft cannot do that. now as far as I’m aware its on gaijin’s wishlist to add separate dispense binds but it can’t come soon enough.

If the R27 is superior over the R77, why is not the Su57 designed to equip any variant whatsoever. even the EA?

Back to the topic. I believe if GJ is to keep the performance of the ER. They should remove it from the lesser mig29s and give them the R73s like they intended to in the dev server for the 9.13.

That is far more realistic and would even out the lower BRs imo.


Yeah, I completely agree here. The MiG-29 facing off against BR 11s with nothing to challenge it’s dominance? It’s honestly sorta disgusting to be in a match with an F-4 and an ER slaps you.


F-16 is just as good at 12.0.

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Because R-77 is cheaper, and R-77M is superior to R-27EA in seeker head.
I don’t think making Mig-29 9.12 and 9.13 12.7 is anywhere close to smart.
Mig-29s are already a middle of the road 12.0, they don’t need R-73s and moved to 12.7.

Mirage 2000 is straight up OP and faces Mig-29.
F-4J, F-16s, EJ Kai, Kurnass 2000, Kfir C2 and C7, Viggens, especially F-1Cs, AV-8B, JH-7, Harrier GR7, and of course both F-14s all have the capability to handle Mig-29s in the context of an air RB match. [We don’t 1v1 in air RB except at the end.]
And F-16 along with F-14B, and Mirage 2000 are superior to Mig-29 9.12 and 9.13 in flight performance, with Mirage 2000C being superior in weapons as well.

I’d recommend practicing defeating radar missiles, cause R-27ER/AIM-7F/M are no threats at all compared to even AIM-9Ls once you know how.


That or at the very least add the AIM-7P Sparrow which had a new datalink feature over the AIM-7M which would allow it to re-aquire targets similarly to the R-27ER instead of self-destructing after just a few seconds of losing lock. It also came out in 1987 which is 3 years before the R-27ER missile entered service in 1990 lmao.


Self-destructing was buffed on AIM-7M a while ago.
Datalink doesn’t do that BTW, datalink for SARHs is the ability to use other radars to hone in on a target.
You’re thinking IOG.
AIM-7P would be identical to AIM-7M in capability when radar is locked and in re-locking targets.

Do we definitely know if the ARH R-27 actually exists and was used/tested or is in service? Cant find much evidence on it, maybe I’m not looking in the right places…