Remove optics from tank modeling

Remove optics from tank modeling to avoid abnormal failed penetration.

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Remove Vamilad from the forums to avoid abnormal complaints.

No but seriously you’re on the right path, it is a bit odd a few cms of glass can stop a 152mm shell. if anything the glass would shatter and overpressure some of the inside. I think remodelling needs doing instead.

Another post? So soon? At least we get an explanation this time thats clear and to the point.

Gonna also have to agree with that though. Been a massive issue on the 2a4 specifically for me anyways.

I do not trust Gaijin to put in development time to remodel every tank in War Thunder correctly versus removing the piece from the model entirely.

oh yeah definitely, I mean, even destroying them doesn’t change anything. just remove or remodel, but don’t leave them as it is that’s for sure