Remove F1 key from binds forcing "help screen" to pop up?

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This keybind is giga annoying, specially on airplanes when u are to change view instead help screen covers your whole screen. There are ways around this, but seems like this game likes to force this help screen back to me. Im sure ppl nowdays can use google or forums to search for info without such helpscreen needed…

Edit: startedt this game like month ago or bit more. If i would need to vote most annyoing feature in game, it would definetly be this. Spended hours to find out hot to get rid of this thing >:)


There is no reason for such a primary key to be bound to something that stops your ability to play the game. The “hints” could be linked to the screen selecting the mode in the hangar for people to check before they try to join a battle. Gaijin expecting players to not bother until halfway through a battle is worrying.

I totally agree with this. It’s a small thing for everyone but this should be such an easy fix. Help menu should be at least configurable in the key binds, not have a hard-bind key.
Already requested this in the old forums, but nothing yet