Remove Cap Points in all BB Range Naval Battles

Map with cap points in high tier naval battles are stupid, if someone decide to waste 1 of his 3 spawn (I already heard of people using a second account, or a friend, just to do it) to use a PT boat to cap it is an auto win, no matter how good you are. Gaijin need to just remove them from map rotation at high tiers imo…


If you do something stupid then you may lose, no matter how good you are. What is new?

Why don’t you do it too, if it is so easy and surefire win?


Happens in most matches, one smart *** always decides to spawn a pathetic rank 1 reserve speedboat and caps the two inner points. Then the match literally blinks down before the BBs even cleared off the spawn area. Its a meh mechanic. Only counter would be to sink your own 40.000 SL BB to counter-cap. No one does this and thus the match is doomed. For both sides actually. It usually ends quickly, before BBs of both teams could achieve alot matchpoints.

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Wrong. There are other counters, involving slightly more thought.


God forbid people using boates in boat mode to win a boat battle lol.

If your team with 10 people, 3 respawns each, 5 free crew slots, cost-free pt boats and ship mounted scout planes, fails to even attempt to cap those spawns then yall suck and deserved it lmao

Skill issue for sure.

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Absolutely not. Use the proper tools (boats, scout planes, etc) and you’ll be fine.

I think all the person who dislike this idea above are all USSR player right? Because they are the only one who can use boats freely right now.

Yes Domination with three cap points should be removed on BB range, especially around 7.0, or at least reduce to one point where big ships can go.

People were saying of boats and scout planes, but there are nation with absence of such thing(or at least competent thing) such as France who didn’t even have coastal tree (and honestly, if they get coastal tree in the futre, it will be very frustrating to use it), and GB who didn’t have scout plane in any of their battleship.

Even when you have all of them, using it is also problematic. Balance between torpedo boats were even more broken then balance between battleships, and I have to say while Soviet coastal is shredding others with Pr.206 and Pr.206-M, Gaijin is still restricting even more stronger Soviet coastal to be implemented for now. Balance between scout plane is also broken, and as most of capture points’ size is based on moving radius of coastal, it is not easy for scout planes without air brake to easily capture it. And if one coastal boat, even if it is AI PT-6, it means you waste your scout planes.

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They are people who also play boats or understand the concept of a challenge.

Their destroyers are faster than many boats (and better!). It isn’t that they can’t participate in cap battles. Just not in the first wave.

Yes, scout planes do not auto win either and can be countered.


Wrong and wrong

You still missing the fact that capping points requires team effort, not one player. Some nations have scout planes, some have decent close range coastal vessels, some have decent medium range, some have decent CAS to clear up points, some have fast destroyers. If you combine efforts of few players you win. If all of them sulk in the corner like op because “hurr durr I dont wanna play anything that is not my battleship” you lose.

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They die faster. I never saw French destroyers succeed in cap avoiding cruiser and battleships’ heavy fire

Team. The most useless thing to believe in War Thundeer

Is there such thing can clear PT boats even before those magical AA shred plane? Maybe Pe-8 could do, but also not easy for them.

Fast destroyers in battleship BR usually meaning fast die to enemy battleships.

Logical, if you only sit in BBs. You won’t see them when they succeed. ;-)

(You know, map types matter…)

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Coastal boats shot down float planes with ease. There is no chance for a BB blob to win the game if a coastal snatches the inner caps. You need to sink yourself and countercap in a boat as well.

No one does it^^ 40.000 SL repcosts. The whole mechanic is pointless. That rank 1 reserve boat kills off the match for all capital ship players.

Yes, having bad teammates is exclusive to war thunder. Every other multiplayer game has the most cooperative teammates.

Semi competent plane pilot wont have problem getting rid of low tier coastals. As for higher tiers, element of suprise and using terrain works in your favor.

Wrong again, plenty of maps work in favor of destroyers.

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I mean most ganes with cap points don´t have players in large and somewhat cumbersome battleships, it is mostly FPS games where the character movements are basically simmilar across the board so there is no problem with anyone stepping into the role to cap the point. Also many cap oriented games you also have realtively small team.

So I really wouldn´t use this argument.

You mean semi competent pilot in CAS plane which essential means that if player in BB wants to counter the PT boat inside cap they need to: J out and loose around 20k SL > get into CAS plane and clear the cap point > J out form the plane again loose SL > get into PT boat > maybe cap the point and then J out again and take out 2nd BB?

I am sorry but this isn´t even remotely fun and sustainable gameplay for the BB player.

These arguments seem to be disturbingly close to “jUsT sPaWn SpAa”.

I would like to see PT boats be usefull and have purpose in the high tier or even have all ship types to be spread across whole BR range but for that we need proper objectives which allow equal participation of all these ships types on the outcome of the battle and reward it. We dont have this right now.

My main issue with this thread is this:

When I spawn any boat at high tier, in 90% of all matches, I am not alone at the caps. There is a battle because the auto win just won’t happen. And in about 30% of when I am alone, my coastal gets wrecked by a blue water salvo from afar. The scenario that is presented here is rather rare, at least when I play.


In every game you have multiple points of interest and even if you were a god level player able to cap and secure point all by yourslef, without a team you will lose other points and this one as well when you decide to move.

So yes claiming relying on a team is a problem in war thunder is laughable, it is inherent aspect of every multiplayer game.

If the only way is to J out, you mean no one dies in those games? I never J out unless I have high booster activated. If I survive all round in BB I feel like I did my part and Im ok with the outcome. If I die and there is a need for it, I always spawn a destroyer, pt or a plane. If every player follows this logic instead of whining and spawning another BB, you win.

It is kinda is similar to ground only mode whine threads. In both cases we have people who dont want to be flexible and contribute to their team. But yes spawning spaa and fighters counters all aerial threats. Same as spawning pt boats, destroyers and planes secures the caps. So yes team with more all round players and less whiners will win in both modes.


I was just in a 7.0 match, where the enemy capped both shallow caps. My french BB got quickly sunk by just another Baden. So I thought I put my money where my mouth is, spawn a french DD and rush for the caps. It wasn’t a great game, but I gained both shallow caps with the DD and kept them until we won.
So no “auto win” at all.


The battle is now very strange, the battle of BR7.0 is decided by the boat whose BR is less than 4.3. The battleships could not reach the target point in the time required, even if they placed themselves at an unfavorable Angle of engagement. The main unit that decides the victory or defeat in a battle should be the vehicle corresponding to the BR, not some low-ranking boat. The boat should play a decisive role below BR3.7, not above BR5.7.
Why are we playing battleships? Because we need to unlock her modifications and use her to unlock the next class of ships. However, in the corresponding battle battleships can not effectively fight, such a game mode must have problems.

Low ranking boats can be as much top tier as your steaming barrel.

Who is we? You, me?

When I play 7.0, I rarely land in coastal cap maps. Usually, it is some other action.

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Its pretty lame that boats take both inner caps every match. Its annoying, even if it happens in your own team. Match usually ends before it really starts for BBs. The clock ticks down before you’re even halfway to countercap in a BB. What has Gajin in mind by allowing this? Should we really sink your Battleships to spawn a boat as well? Why are BBs even ingame, when they get beaten by a tiny boat?

This gamemode needs an overhaul. Especially squadrons abuse this, when the capture with an alt account to get max win RP for their BBs.