Remove Canadian (and other commonwealth) vehicles from tech trees and place into Britain

i agree with ur take 100% dw lol.

I actually use the Ystevark thing to play Gaijins own game and capture zones quickly then jump into the Wythern ,if you cant beat them join them.

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Um… RAM 2 isn’t in another tree.
Neither is Stuart nor Grant I.
C2A1 isn’t in another tech tree and event vehicles can’t be delisted.

As much as I’d like all of the Canadian stuff in the same place let’s face it. A Canadian Tech tree is the only way possible nowadays.

Well the Ram II definitely needs to be added to the UK (they used it in numbers) I’d rather other things be fixed on the Leo first.

Namely the name (it could be called C2 Mexas to be correct) and the language(it should be speaking English not German)

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