Remove "autoselect" server

because of that feature i cant choose SA and NA which is inconvenient, for now i can only choose either but not both at once

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Use Autoselect. System will select most suitable server for you automatically. If there will be not enough playres on SA, you will be connected to the next one with best PING.

just let me choose what’s the best for myself, SA maybe has the lowest ping but it somehow has the highest PL and i’ll stuck on choosing first spawn tank for a minute or something (pict)

not always but still


What auto-select do you use?

i dont use auto select, wym

Use it then and it should pick up NA and SA if you are lucky.

That’s what Stona was meaning.

the pict literally only show (SA)

Hmm, that could be a reportable bug then maybe… I get 2 on mine all the time…

I also took it to be 2 all the time, when it was brought in, that it would try pull the best 2 for you.

i hate this too. not event help. i don’t care if i need to wait for so long to find the best server to play with enough people. our internet in Asia is not that strong to go out side the country. event the internet inside the country is in top 10. Yes. I’m living in Thailand but that internet is bs to go out side. lol

fix it by remove auto select and back to manual select