Remove ATGM launch "curve"

the “curve” really makes ATGM unrealiable behind cover because it will hit the cover or ground, remove the curve and make it straightforward like old times.

at least make it like this (wiesel)

not like this (RakJPz 2 SS.11B)
focus on left ATGM, line of sight is clear did not hit the rock but because of the curve it hits the rock which is stupid

side view

top view



Make a suggestion thread in stead of a general one :)

just did

well for one, gravity

for two, just use distance control?

you can make it so your barrel is facing up but youre still looking at the enemy


you mean zeroing distance? ATGM dont have that feature, only rounds

no… go into your settings and look for distance control

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what are you talking about ?

yea, that

just tried zeroing distance, it does works, but the problem but it’s kinda pain in the ass to do and sometimes i might forget to do it

but well, the topic shifted to “add zeroind distance indocator to ATGMs” or make it pre-selected like Plane or make it by default maxed zeroing distance so i dont have to do it manually

or honestly, makes the game automatically compensate the curve by default… which mean back to old mechanic.

like video below, it was taken in 2020


It’s something that has always seemed funny to me, the ATGMs are generally placed facing a little upward to compensate for the minimal fall of the missile when it is launched, but in the game that fall of the missile has been exaggerated to the extreme apart from the fact that They have given some missiles a very large delay in guidance, making it easy to fail just by moving the sights a millimeter.


It is advisable when you are behind cover, launch the ATGM upwards and then drop it towards the target.

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Nonsense. The trajectories of the SS11, HOT and TOW are exactly the same as in reality. Learn to position the vehicles as the real crews had or have to!

Remove gravity?

You do get that the missiles happen to have aerodynamic surfaces that generate lift, and tend not start their flight with no forward velocity as they would otherwise be supported by the launch rail / tube a short distance allowing some form of starting airflow over said surfaces, or inherit some component of the launch vehicle’s velocity.

The other issue is that the universal autopilot’s response curve is linear instead of being damped and so does not degrade oscillations quickly and has a tendency to overcorrect the flight path erroneously.

This is not only historically accurate but also would benefit atgms. All atgms I know of come out of the tube straight due of having a starter that propels then out of tube a safe distance away to activate the main motor. I have never observed an atgm drop (at least noticeably enough to see it affect guidance as it does in game) due to not deploying the main motor soon enough after the atgm leaves the tube (this excludes faulty atgms). I approve.

They are launched via a first stage, then they activate their rockets mid-air.

From the following video:

Idk that seems pretty straight to me. Also if you are wondering why the front of the tube doesn’t line up perfectly is between frame A and frame B (both at 0:30) is that the tube moves up slightly.

Frame A

Frame B

You can view this yourself if you go full screen and use the , and . button to go one frame back and one frame forward at a time.

If we’re being specific, TOW’s don’t stage they happen to have a Boost, Sustain motor profile.

A Stinger on the other hand does actually detach its Boost motor after starting the sustainer (they have a velocity of 100ft/sec +/- 4ft/sec [~30.5m/s] on exiting the launch tube) and so is staged.
(as can be seen being jettisoned in the following video)

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