Remove AiM-9M from 12.0 French (Belgian) F-16 or give IRCCM missiles to other 12.0 4th gen aircraft

Why does the Belgian F-16 block 15 have AiM-9M at 12.0? Makes no sense as all other F-16s ADF/MLU from other countries at 12.0 are well capable of firing the AiM-9M, the F-14B is also perfectly capable of firing the AiM-9M at 12.0, and same thing for the 12.0 MiG-29s and Yak-141 with the R-73s.

It doesn’t make any sense to have one jet identical to the ones in other countries to have such a massively better missile at the same BR.


they should just make it 12.3 or 12.7


12.7 at least since thats the only reason the mig29g is 12.7.


“Don’t look to much into battle ratings, they are not final and are subject to change”


Yeah, I’m hoping 12.0 is just a mistake and meant to be the GRB BR. There’s no way Gaijin plans to have it actually anything but 12.7.

The only reason why it could be at 12.0 is the “missing” hmd but still put it at 12.3 min like the F-15 pls

F-16 at 12.0 with aim-9M is absolutely ridiculous, its flight performance is incredible and does not at all justify carrying those missiles, either move it up, downgrade it to only 9Ls or add comparable missiles to aircraft of the same rank, ex: give the 9.13 and 9.12 migs their r-73s and the other 12.0 f-16s 9Ms.


I know, that’s why it’s important that players show their opinions when things can change.

That quote should be interpreted as “don’t get mad after the dev server is something changes” not as “even if something is clearly wrong shut up before the dev server ends”

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That’s obviously not final