Remove ability to fire weapons when an aircraft is destroyed

it already has the same HE filler as 40mm for 0 reason, making guns destroyable would just cripple you even harder in the 15% chance scenario that 20mm doesn’t just 1-shot your wing.

We used to have this but tankers didnt like it. It was annoying for both parties.

For the attacker, it ment they had to shot them again and would make the tank unkillable if they were hull down.

For the attacked, it ment that you had to deal with constantly switching your crew between gunner/driver positions. Most people just bailed out when they only had one crew left.

I have another idea on this issue.

Basically, it is OK to leave the attack function after the aircraft is destroyed, but instead give some bonus for the pilot’s survival.

For example, if the pilot is able to eject from the aircraft alive, the cost of repairs is reduced to some extent.
(Of course, they must not be knocked to the ground at high speed after escaping, they must literally be allowed to survive.)

This way, the player will be forced to make a choice: stay in the aircraft and fight back, or keep the pilot alive.
As a result, counterattacks from the wreckage turn into risks.

As a side effect, it can improve the quality of gameplay by giving meaning to an operation that currently has little meaning: escape.

I don’t see a problem here. Makes the damage more realistic.

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More realistic? you mean if it took 5-10 shots from German 20mm on the same wing to take down most fighters? or how about the kugelblitz filling with gas from the 30mms after just a few seconds of firing, or 2,000lb bombs having nearly double the power they have now.

  1. Yes.

  2. Irrelevant. Don’t move the goalposts.

  3. Yes.

You responed to the wrong comment . . .

No, I didn’t. I’ve only responded to you, as you have responded to me. Either you’re trying to play games here or have simply forgotten your entire tangent.

So you’d be fine with all those being added for realism and balance?

I already answered you. I don’t need to repeat myself, do I?

you didn’t give an answer earlier.

I did. You simply need to scroll back up and actually read.