Remove ability to fire weapons when an aircraft is destroyed

Yes destroyed aircraft can. As long as the pilot or gunner responsible for the weapon is still alive it can use the weapon. A destruction means the kill is assured for that person now rewarded for it.

Define what is a destroyed aircraft. Usually the only thing that assures complete destruction of an aircraft is a meeting with the ground.

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From a gameplay perspective though, why would you simply not defer the “Destroyed” label until it is 100% non-functional. Until that point, the plane is considered alive (even if it’s a fireball plummeting to the ground).

Changing the time of crediting the kill does not really contradict a design goal to mirror dive/torpedo bomber engagements. Severe Damage mostly achieves that (in the majority of circumstances, they’re doomed but they may still pose a threat), but Destroyed should be an unambiguous end state (instead of somewhere between 95% and 100% dead).

Additionally, that fails to explain why helicopters get the same ambiguity. If a heli is spinning out of control but still firing its weapons… that doesn’t strike me as “Destroyed”.

No clue why they chose to do it this way.

Yes it does, I believe that was one of the primary motivations of adding the severe damage system, was to combat the “I was killed by a destroyed aircraft” issue. I agree that destroyed should be when the pilot is dead or when the airframe smashes the ground, but one of those conditions allows kill stealing which people are always up in arms about.

Yea, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Nah, with aircraft it’s pretty common to be able to fire after you get destroyed. Especially in the air superiority fighters like the F-15 or MiG-29/Su-27.

You can lock and fire efen with your avionics being totally wrecked.

We’re starting to miss the point here.

If the game marks the aircraft as destroyed, and rewards you with the kill, then it shouldn’t be able to fire back.

Any criteria, right now, where the aircraft is destroyed, but the game allows it to fire back, should be changed from ‘destroyed’ to ‘severe damage’, and only rewards you with the ‘severe damage kill count’ until it becomes ‘destroyed’. Once the aircraft is marked destroyed, then you get a full kill count and the aircraft cannot fire back.

Nobody looses anything here, its just a change of criteria to suit all players. Aircraft will just be marked as severe damage rather than destroyed, right up until the pilot bails out, or the aircraft ploughs into the deck, or the aircraft is literally blown to pieces and unusable.

Aircraft don’t loose a mechanic to fire after taking what is technically severe damage, not destruction, and the opposing player still knows the enemy aircraft is able to fire weapons. Because its wholly misleading to say an aircraft is destroyed, you change you focus on the next target (as we know, swarms of aircraft in GFRB are a nightmare) only for the ‘destroyed’ aircraft to wipe you out.

Change ‘Destroyed’ to ‘Severe damage’ until, as i mentioned above, until the pilot bails out, or the aircraft ploughs into the deck, or the aircraft is literally blown to pieces and unusable. Everbody is happy.

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Still feels like getting killed by destroyed aircraft would be like you killing a tank but becuase his gunner was still alive he turn his turret towards you and killed you.

I get what you mean, as its the sentiment i have, but i also get what they mean with the counterpoint.

Changing it to how i mentioned above suits both parties IMO.

How you’ve suggested is basicly how it once was. It was horrible, as explained already.

Removing control from the player is always bad.

I would support:

  • Shifting “Destroyed” to mean “pilot is dead or bailed”, especially now that we have Severe Damage

  • Adding more detailed damage models for additonal systems (electronics, hydraulics, etc)

  • Allowing aircraft weapons to be damaged/disabled, a core part of tank/ship weapons


This; if the pilot can perform any actions, treat the aircraft as alive. Mechanically, very little changes since the player can still act until the very last moment - arguably you could go a little longer than you can today since you wouldn’t necessarily get a forced 15sec J-out, you fight until you literally cannot fight anymore/choose to J-out.

If you choose to leave an enemy on Severe Damage, expecting them to be destroyed momentarily, you’ll have your minimum 80% kill credit but you take the risk that they do something to damage/destroy you in response. However, there’s no surprises there - they’re severely damaged, so they’re still technically a threat (however small that threat may be)

The destroyed-but-not-really mechanic just reminds me of Call of Duty’s Martyrdom (drop a grenade on death) or Last Stand (pull out your pistol in a prone position after you get “killed”), both of which are annoying “hah, gotcha”! mechanics.

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10/10 for constructive criticism. /s

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Cough cough “there’s a beast, deep inside. It WILL NOT DIE, IT WILL FIGHT BACK!”
Just my thoughts tbh

No I am fine with the game how it is and I wish people would stop messing with it. Only thing I would say is take the maps back to how they were a year or two ago and just leave it at that.

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Better discussion: Don’t credit SPAA for kills when pilot is still alive.

Happens already lol.

Hmm, nah. Just model in the weapon suites that can be damaged/destroyed. That’s the proper solution.

Severe damage is practically the same thing.