Removable ERA for US M60A1/A3 TTS

well the ERA doesn’t help much at those BRs anyway, so honestly it would be better to have ERA be a modification you can toggle to save weight (nearly 1 ton of it). Besides M60’s looks sexy without it and that may or may not my motivating reason for proposing this in the first place :)


I agree. The ERA should be optional.

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yea, the thing with the ERA is that at the BR M60A1 Passive and A3 sit, they face very powerful ATGM’s (China has a tandem 1200mm pen ATGM at 9.0!), and have no composite armor, so like it is meaningless to have it really. Besides, T-64B has the ERA as a modification and is more effective at having it!

Not to mention the ERA is from Desert Storm but they don’t even get the proper Desert Storm munitions. It’s a joke all around.