Remembrance Weekend: Remembering Those Who Fell

It’s the early hours of November 11th 1918 on the Western Front. Despite some soldiers knowing that a peace armistice agreement was to come into effect very soon, hostilities are still ongoing in some parts. The clock hits 11 am and the armistice peace agreement, signed just hours before, has come into effect.

On November 11th 1918 at 11 am, guns on the battlefield fell silent as The Armistice peace agreement signed in the Compiègne Wagon came into effect, which brought an end to 4 years of the most brutal fighting in human history.

Thereafter, Armistice day — followed by Remembrance Sunday for all the fallen in conflict — is observed in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries on November 11th, with a two-minute silence observed at 11 am to remember those who fell. In the US, Veterans Day is celebrated on this date as well, in addition Remembrance Sunday features parades and poppies.

As you play War Thunder this weekend, consider taking a second to remember those who fell while fighting during the First World War. Their bravery was second to none, and many made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for their country.

We Will Remember Them. o7


People from :

British empire (considering all It’s old colonies, and those brave mens who fought under that flag)
Russian empire (then Russian republic, after 1917)
German empire
Austrian-Hungarian empire
Italian empire
Ottoman empire
Japan empire
Siam (currently Thailand)
Kingdom of Hejaz (currently part of Saudi Arabia)
USA (after it entered the war in 1917)

And all foreigners who enlisted under those country flags shall be remembered.


…honor their sacrifice and remember hopefully also the reasons why most of them fell and what caused so many nations to be involved:

The entry of the only existing global superpower in a regional war (in which they had no real business other than having the fear that they might lose their #1 rank within empires) transformed a local conflict into a global war - with the known consequences.

As like today a moral cause was created for the public and used to justify the intervention of the British Empire as a whole - despite the well documented fact that geo-strategic aspects were the real reasons.

Yes, technically seen all soldiers fell whilst fighting for their country but actually they fell fighting for political and mainly economical reasons. Seeing the insanity and sheer madness of trench warfare and the willingness of politicians to send and sacrifice millions in gigantic meat grinders in order to win wars of attrition is simply not comprehensible.

Looking at local conflicts in the last 2 years it looks like that history is not used to prevent or avoid similar developments which might lead to similar escalations. Sad.


You suspiciously left out a direct mention of the United States of America. The USA may not have been in the war as long as some of the others, but the USA certainly helped bring a quicker end to the war.

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They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
We will remember them.

Lest we forget

Oh, you’re right sorry, i’ll fix this.


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We Will Remember Them. o7