Reloading during ammo blowout?

If you’re reloading and your blowout rack goes off, shouldn’t the blowout panels not work since the door is open? I’m not 100% certain how it works, but shouldn’t there be a certain amount of time during reloading when the door is open and so the blowout rack doesn’t work?

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In Reality they only open for a brief period at the beginning of reloading. Because once you got the shell from the rack, the door closes again.
I think they didn’t model this for convenience, but it would be funny to see it ingame lol.

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thats a great way to counter every nato player asking for autoloader jamming

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The ability for our loaders to “jam” (loader dead) out while your autoloaders being able to eat everything thrown at it because it doesn’t have a damage model is a bigger issue.

How about we have the gunner jump outside an IFV to restock it’s atgm? Why stop there? Maybe have the entire crew leave the vehicle while they try and fix the tracks.

Based… but for that you could just play Enlisted :D

you mean like nato players asking for autoloader dmg models ? ;)

if the blow out panels are doing there job, why can’t i reload from the hull into the breach slower, but doesn’t leave me defenseless for a very long time till the fire is out.

Same for not modelling autoloader damage, it’s a lot of complex movement that all have to be modelled, and would only lead to frustration.

I haven’t kept track of this but does ammo destroyed in blow out panel, counts as used, so you have to pay for it? If it does that’s 15*200Sl = 3000 SL added to the repair bill, as i said not sure if this is implemented.

All my Leo2’s carry 21 rounds in GFAB which leaves only the bottom row in the hull. this to have rounds left when i have a ammo fire so i can at least defend my self. I take this risk, but after 5 shots the hull will be empty.