Registration in the game War Thunder with a bonus gift

Now I will tell you how to create an account in the online game War Thunder as profitable and free as possible. The game itself is Free-to-play, but when registering new players through special links and entering bonus codes, you can get a little more bonuses to start the game.

At the moment, there are partner and referral links for registration. The difference is that affiliate links are distributed by bloggers, youtubers, etc., while referral links are distributed by ordinary players. In both versions, they give approximately the same bonuses: a premium tank (plane or boat) and a little, very little gold. At the same time, using the affiliate link, they can also give a sticker on the tank in the form of a blogger logo. The most interesting thing is that a gift from a blogger can also be received on an account created in the usual way or through a referral. That is, if you first register an account using a referral link, and then within 14 days enter your e-mail via an partner link, the player will receive 2 tanks (you can also choose a ship or plane) instead of one, 90 gold and a blogger’s sticker. The referral bonus will be only 1 tank and 90 gold. By usual registration through the official website of the developer, the player will receive only 1 tank and 40 gold.

How to register correctly in War Thunder

  1. First, follow the invite link: War Thunder — Registration

  2. Create an account. Enter mail, come up with a nickname and password.

  3. Then follow the affiliate link:

  4. In the upper right corner, select the language. This affects the nation of vehicles in the game (if you choose Russian, then you will be prompted to choose a tank, plane or boat for the USSR. If it is English, then the proposed vehicle will be from the USA, etc.).

  5. Press the big red button and in the fields enter the nickname and mail that you entered in the second paragraph above, you just need to repeat everything again. You do not need to enter a password!

  6. Select the type of equipment you want to receive. After confirmation, the vehicle you have chosen will appear on your account.

  7. Go to the game. You will be prompted to select the type and nation of future vehicles (right in the game client). This will be the second premium vehicle.

Now you can go through training and play. By the way, for a full course of study, the game will give you 300 more golden eagles.

Also AFTER REGISTRATION, log in and activate the reusable bonus code on the developer’s official website.

Bonus Codes:

  • To get a sticker “Russian Butcher” activate the bonus code: WTBUTCHER
  • To get Sergey Chikhachev’s sticker, activate the bonus code: PO-LI-GON
  • To get a sticker “500k friends” for free, activate the code: WARTHUNDER500K

Another moment!
The affiliate link gives bonuses only to accounts that are registered for no longer than 14 days. Well, and accordingly, the affiliate link will not give bonuses to the old account, only to the new one.

You cannot receive a gift through an affiliate link 2 times. To create an account through an affiliate program and then receive a gift through the affiliate link of another blogger will also not work.