Registration Bonuses with Steam Account

So I’ve been playing War Thunder for a few weeks and having a blast and only just realised there are Registration Bonuses for signing up, and some of those rewards (decals etc) apply even with a non-new account.

Unfortunately I started playing with Steam credentials, and all of these links need a Gaijin account. Is there any way I can still take advantage of them? Create a Gaijin account to link to my Steam account?


Check this link:

Thank you for the super quick response :)

When I tried that in game, it unfortunately told me that the email was already in use, because a short while before I went ahead and signed up for one of those Registration Bonuses and created an account, thinking it should be possible to link it.

I guess I will have to use a new/different email now? I haven’t actually confirmed that email address via the link in it yet, will that ever release my email if I don’t confirm it?