Regional pricing gone? only on USD

I’m from Uruguay and I remember some time ago the store was on Uruguayan peso and had regional pricing.

But now when I log in it appears in normal USD prices, however a friend from Turkey still has the price in Liras and with the price adjusted.

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There never were reduced prices for Uruguay, they were converted from USD anyway.

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The same stuff, it was always in rubles, I logged into my account and everything became in dollars

I understand what you mean. My store used to be in my local currency (and I even made purchases with it) until I logged in via a VPN as I was debugging a browser extension I was developing at the time. My store has since not switched back to my local currency. That may be partially due to not buying something again since then (so the site can’t pickup my actual currency).

Regardless, you can reach out to support and get it sorted.

I see prices in a foreign currency, what do i do?

Regional prices in our shop are availabe if you regularly live in that country and use bank cards, that are issued to this country (with a local currency bank account). If you still can’t see prices for your region, you are probably logging into the account via a VPN or using turbo mode in your browser. If the problem persists, please contact Customer support.

all of u need to contact suport. I have same problem 2 times and slove it. Now i have local curency