Regional Pricing Globally - Why not?

As you may know, regional pricing for Brazil was added to the store a few days ago. The changes were very much so needed, as Brazilian pricing was near unaffordable to most living there.

And with this comes my question:
Will regional prices be adjusted for countries globally?

For me as a Hungarian, just like with Brazil, the prices compared to the minimum wages is insane. 1/4 for Brazil and 1/7 of monthly wages for us. Comparing this with wages from countries all across the world shows that regional pricing would not just be possible, but also very positive for everyone involved.


For me as a Thai, The regional pricing is much needed the top tier pack (70$) is 1/3 of our minimum wage (💀). The regional pricing is much needed atleast in my opinion.


I doubt that any regional pricing would be in line with EU law.


then the one who propose that law need to be hit with crowbar - wrench combo


That guy should pay for us

you are in the EU, it is illegal to charge different prices for digital goods inside the EU.

It is very, very much illegal to charge different prices for digital goods inside the EU.

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I am fully aware of that.

just checking, you said you doubted it.

I doubted the opposite.

doubt means insecurity, if you knew it was illegal it should’ve been stated as a fact.

Probably language, rethoric, whatever difference. Doubt most certainly doesn’t mean “insecurity”. But as we agree in fact, all is well.

Why? it’s give and take, it’s a single market for everyone, which includes protections as well.

Countries have a financial responsibility towards the EU when it comes to the strength of its economy. In return this allows Hungarians to work or generate income throughout Europe. In other words, it would be completely possible for a Hungarian to have a much higher salary than average, but enjoy the benefits of lower prices and taxes in Hungary.

Hungary is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, and although hindered by the war in Ukraïne and a less than beneficial president, its GDP growth of over 7% is noteworthy.

fuck are you even talking about? I just want to pay 70 AUD for 70 USD premium