Regele Ferdinand-Class ”Letuchiy” ( Regina Maria ) has unhistorical guns


As the title suggests, I wanted to bring out the issue of the ”Letuchiy” destroyer and its lack of AA guns.
The ship in its current state, has the wrong light weaponry and as a result, it struggles at the BR 4.0.
”Letuchiy” is supposed to be the captured Romanian destroyer ”Regina Maria” with her 1944 weaponry wich consisted of:

  • x4, 120mm, main guns.
  • x1, 88mm, secondary gun.
  • x3, 37mm, AA auto-cannons.
  • x1, 20mm, AA auto-cannon.
  • x2, 13.2mm, Hotchkiss heavy machineguns.
  • x50, sea mines
  • x6, 533mm torpedoes.

In game, ”Letuchiy” in her 1945 form, only has the secondary 88mm gun.
Wich doesnt make sense, since the Russian Navy hasnt removed or replaced any other gun on the ship, with the exception of the 50 mines and their launch rails.
The guns she curently has for AA defense are one 76mm gun and two 40mm Skoda cannons, wich are part of her original 1930 weaponry, with the exception of the 88mm wich before its instalation was a 120mm like the other four main guns.

Due to her severe lack of AA defenses, the ship is at a great disadvantage in comparison to not only other 4.0 destroyers, but 3.3 destroyers too.
As I see it, this ship shouldnt have to face up to 5.0 ships when it has WW1 AA defence standards.
Her only strong aspects are her HE shells with decent explosive filler, but this doesnt do much when she has horrible turret rotation, mediocre reload, no potent secondary guns, no way to retaliate against planes and mobility and survivability on par with early destroyers.
I would suggest to lower her BR to 3.3 atleast unthill the model will receive her missing guns, since she is a weak ship, wich can be shredded by 20 and 40mm from PT boats alone.
This was reported already on the issue section ( // Issues ) but as I mentioned in the beginning, I want to bring again the issue of ”Letuchiy”s missing weapondry in hopes we might get an update on the matter.

Thank you for your time.