Regarding the Suspension of Unlinking Accounts

Hey, so a couple days ago I realized that I actually had the ability to transfer my PlayStation 5 account to my PC without losing any progress. Since I did have a lot of progress on said account, I began to search for a way to retain my premiums and top tiers, but have access to the Gaijin store and other PC-related stuff. And although binding my email allowed me to play War Thunder on my PC, I still didn’t have access to the Gaijin store. Later I only found out that to truly switch from console to PC, one must unlink their console account first. Unfortunately for me, and many other members of the player base, there is an ongoing suspension (started in May) that prevents us from actually beginning the unlinking process. If any dev could respond to this question, it would be much appreciated: When will the suspension be lifted so that our accounts can be transferred from console to PC?

@gromvoiny is the one that generally announces transfers. They might be able to answer, though I doubt because they don’t normally announce this kind of stuff before hand