Regarding the serious homogeneity problem between ZBD-04A and bmp-3 in the game

The new Chinese vehicle ZBD-04A is highly similar to the bmp-3, resulting in a very similar game experience. Since in reality the ZBD-04A’s autoloader can accommodate missiles and load them, I hope that the 8-round missile load limit of ZBD-04a can be lifted and all missiles can be carried. This will change the height of ZBD-04A and BMP-3 Similar gaming experience. ZBD-04a has high-definition thermal imaging, sabot-stabilized armor-piercing projectiles, and I hope to increase the level of ZBD-04A to level 10.0 by canceling the carrying limit on the number of missiles, so that it can be placed on the ZBL-08 development line. after.I think ZBD-04a should be raised to level 10.0 to maintain gameplay balance.