Regarding F-4C flare dispenser and SUU-25 specifications

In my country’s books, it was mentioned that the F-4C could be equipped with a flare dispenser.
I even found out that the dispenser is “SUU-25” by looking at its shape.
However, the SUU-25 is not used in my country, and I cannot find anything in detail in the book.


The information on the internet states that it is a dispenser for dropping illuminated flares and markers. I did not find any information that it can drop flares as a so called counter measure.
However, I confirm that there was a lot of discussion in the old forum that the SUU-25 has the ability to release flares.
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Does anyone have documentation that the SUU-25 is capable of dropping flares?
It appears that a timer can be set before the drop, but is it possible to use this illuminated flare as a flare?
I have a feeling that if the F-4C is capable of using flares, it would have a significant impact.

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Here’s where you can find the weapons delivery manual, ill look over and see what I can find


the flare dispenser for the F4C was not i the manual as it was a later added on attachement , the huey could also use flares


Thank you for the introduction to your wonderful site. The opportunity to see live manuals is very valuable. I would like to thank you and the administrators of this site.

I’m reading up on the terminology, but unfortunately from reading this manual, it seems that only ground support markers and illuminator flares can be fired by the SUU-25.

P-23(1-7) of the “F-4C/ D/ E Weapons Delivery Manual” describes how to operate a flare using a SUU-24, but it describes how to operate a Mk. 24 parachute illuminator flare.

Between P241-246, there are details on the use of various SUU-25s and the [LUU-1B/5B/6B], [LUU-2/B] and [Mk.24] that can be fired. However, the 1/5/6 were for markers, while the 2B and M.24 appeared to be parachute illuminator flares.

There are some Russian parachute flares for countermeasures, but at least the LUU and Mk.24 parachute flares assume illumination and may not be used as a countermeasure.

Hmmm…I wish I had documentation, but unfortunately it seems that the F-4C flew over Vietnamese skies without using a counter measure.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I hope you can unearth some documents from somewhere that looks like you used a counter measure in the prototype:)

Yeah, unfortunately it would seem the F4c was phased out before the need for countermeasures on fighters was realized.

Those are illumination flares not decoy flares. They aren’t for decoying missiles, they’re for illuminating the battlefield;


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Yes, it was an illuminator flare unfortunately.
There was talk about dropping decoy flares in the Old Forum, so I had high hopes, but it doesn’t seem to work.

The fix for the F-4C and countermeasures is easy - rename it to F-4D.
There is no reason for it to not have countermeasures, even if it means moving up to 10.3

why don’t flares work vs IRST when ground baseds SAM are using that search mode?

there is no point in moving the F4C up at all.

I meant, it would be best if it receives flares, even if it means moving up to 10.3, as it is currently useless/extremely situational at 10.0, like the F-105D

no, it wouldn’t i don’t know how people like you think a plane receiving flares would matter let alone putting it up 0.3 br where it will always be uptiered to fight planes like MIG 23s that will just head -on it and kill it with missiles.