Refund of Xbox Pack

Hey guys,

to start I’ve already made a support ticket.
Last night while I was asleep, my Son made a purchase on my Xbox account while playing War thunder, he purchased the M1A1 click bait pack, spent the golden eagles and played with the tank for who knows how long. I reached out to Xbox to receive a refund, they approved it, and like I said I reached out to gaijin support for help as well.
$75 is a lot of money to spend on a tank, is it possible for Gaijin to roll back my account to before the purchase? if not will I be banned?
I’d rather not spend more money on something like this, sons already lost gaming privileges until he can pay me back.

Obviously I don’t think you guys can help me as much as support can, but is there anything that can prevent me from getting banned at the moment?

you shouldn’t be banned for something like that (to my knowledge)

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And the story ends here:)
Please wait for answer from our support.

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