Refund for mig-23ML

I’m sorry if I post it in wrong section, is it possible to get refund for Mig-23ML? i have it for long time but changes with new update made it unplayable, not to mention its not what i paid for

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Howdy! You can’t get a refund for it if you have already used it. And if you said you’ve had it for a long time I doubt you haven’t not used it. Sorry.

But here is a thing, when i bought it i could actually play it instead of going 90 degree half of the time and then 1/3 of my missiles are usless while enemy have irccm and i dont, mti either, now it will just stay in hangar

the MiG-23 FM nerf applied to every and all variant of the MiG-23. They will probably adjust BR’s based on their overall performance and stats within the coming month

That doesn’t matter. You’ve used it, so your not going to be able to get a refund. Not to mention if for some crazy reason you did, you would have all RP and SL gained from it taken away.

Either way, your right about this not being the place. You need to make a ticket at WT support about getting a refund

problem is if you want ML you have to pay with real money instead of having to just research it, another thing is they cant really put it lower to like 11.0 because it wont change much, they cant get it down to 10.0 because then they will have to remove R-24R/T, if they make such big changes in premium vechicles they should offer some kind of refund even in gajin coins

how do i do it? i tried on support page but cant find it, can you give me a link please?

I don’t have a link to it, but if you look up War Thunder support it should be the first thing that pops up

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I bought this plane a week before the patch. You can feel my disappointment. The Gaijin should have removed the plane from sale a month before, so that this would not happen.
Of course they won’t refund the money. But I would like to exchange it for another plane.

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Same here… except that I got GE for a squadron when people said that it could grind the entire tree from square 1

Apparently, it can’t…

Welcome to War Thunder the game where realism and balance are at their peak with a special Pre-Order option straight from the Test Server that will be 1 BR down from what it should be and have perks like more Flairs - Chaffs and so on Thermals and Lazer Rangefinder at 8.0 …

Before you know it some month later, it will be up tiered ofc for Balance Purpose

It’s funny that War Thunder is the only game that chances Premium Vehicles so drastically and this is happening for years now this same tactic but now the Prems are 69.99 EUR only a piece

Test Server it’s a joke it’s more than Advertisement Server the chances they do are laughable at best they implement all the broken stuff with 0 consideration we need to wait 2 months before they start messing with BRs .

WoT does the same tho. And basically any other game nerfs or buffs things. The EULA even states they can change vehicle stats at any time and you are not eligible for refund.

1.You kidding right with WoT
2.EULA and User agreement state a lot of stuff that 90% of the player base not even read it just click OK
3.The two above are to Protect companies to not get Sued you should know why
4.Did you think most of the balance they make if for the good of the players or the company - example moste recent Vidar some time ago F-104s and Mig -19s at 9.3 BR making 8.7 BR utter garbage for only one purpose not balance not decompression only to nerf old 8.7 Premiums yes the chance was done for this purpose only F-104s and Mig -19s easily outperform many 9.7 - 10 Jets.

I can go all day long with the Chances they make not for balance but with something else in mind