Reduce the BR of me 262 to 6.7 (ground combat)

now that the ground and air combat BR are separated, can the 262 (7.0), as an not excellent fighter jet, reduce its ground combat BR to 6.7?

many fighter jets in version 7.0 have much better performance than the 262. And due to the trajectory issue of MK108, hitting the enemy also becomes a challenge. this makes this fighter jet very tricky to play with

and it often needs to face higher level fighter jets from 7.3 to 7.7.
so I think it would be more appropriate to lower it to 6.7. in ground combat


… no

No. It’s bad enough having them all strafe you forever, along with the Pulkzerstorer and the Ho 229 with their guns at BRs they probably shouldn’t be at. They don’t need to go down at all.

262s with MK108s have, at a maximum, 4mm of penetration. Dunno what kinda “strafing” you’re talking about.