Red Top Missile

Why is the Red Top Missile in game stats card show it only have 12G of pull while both war thunder wiki, and real life imformation shows that it is 16G of pull. If it is 12G like showed in the game, what is the point to bring it, because it is worse than Fire Streak in every way.

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Was changed recently and I doubt the wiki has been updated. Whilst it only pulls 12G (confirmed by irl docs) it has a LOT less drag, giving it better range and better sustained pull. Overall doesn’t really feel all that different in a dogfight, just as easy to kinematically defeat as it was before but now you can’t outrun them.

What they really need is their all-aspect modeled


Right, its all aspect works only when two planes almost kiss each other.

Yep, but should be able to front aspect lock at quite a decent range:

and unlike SRAAM that should also be all aspect. I dont think the red tops would be all that powerful with that capability at their current BRs

16G is the multiplane figure, in single plane its 12G. We don’t model multiplane presently in game.

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Regardless of how much it pulls it does feel like a much better missile than the alternatives at the BR - though that may be because I always go high in the Lightning and fire them downwards.

It is probably due to the large amount of tnt. It wont reach as far as most and loses energy faster but it will basically kill/cripple any plane close enough to trigger the prox fuse.

They had pathetic range before. 1.5KM rear aspect shot from a Mach 1+ lightning, to a subsonic F-86, and it wouldn’t even reach the F-86.

İt is better this way. İt’s now a literally better 9E. Very large gimbal limit, high range.


Is the vixen still 8.7

If they buffed the range on this missile which was very anaemic, it will be more annoying to face them. Give them a gunpod and move it to 9.0, it has the engine power for it

Red Tops are still defeated by turning slightly.

Did read a suggestion for a sea vixen with a gun though:

I’d actually rather it be 9.0 with gunpod + 4 missiles. İt would still get 8.0 matches all the time anyway

FAW.1 couldnt carry red tops btw, the rocket pods/ cannons were removed for on the FAW.2 to make room for the cooling needed for red tops

Would be 4 firestreaks and 4 ADENs (potentially) at most


Will the AIM-54 that had continuous multiplane pull get updated to 25G?

I don’t know, sorry.

Damn now I wanna play the lightning with red tops. Shame it gets full uptiers %90 of the time


The Vixen is one of my most played planes (63% wr over a thousand battle) and I struggled a lot after the red top change for like 20 battles or so but now I’ve finally adapted my playstyle and I love it again.

Nowhere near what the red top/vixen once was before the drag nerf tho, but pretty decent nonetheless. The new red top with improved range is now better in a support role(like the Sea Vixen excelled at) to shoot down pilots distracted chasing a teammate BUT are much worse against anyone that is aware of your presence.

It was always relatively easy to dodge the red top but when it was 16G but you needed to pull much more. You could dodge 1, maybe 2, but by the 3rd or 4th missile you’d have lost too much speed. I got many 1v1 kills like this back then. The 12G red top on the other hand can be dodged without a sweat by pressing the S key for less than 1 second, doesn’t really make you bleed speed much.

With that said, I wish Gaijin would model dual plane missiles some day.


Is it as sensitive as AIM9E though? My AIM9E once killed my teammate IL28 5km away when locked onto a F5C, and it can’t help locking onto the sun every time. Does the red top also do that or is it a bit better?
Red top does have a better thrust, unlike AIM9E and R60M which would pull 0G after 3 seconds.

Is there a chance for the dual plane to be added into the game?

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Sun will always be an issue but I have only had a couple times where it went for a friendly. And those were when the friendly cross between the missile and enemy.

It loses more energy in turns but will kill/cripple anything that gets close enough to trigger the prox. I feel like it is a missile that you have to baby a bit but, if you do, it wont let you down with random “hits” or tracking other planes

Then it is better then AIM9E although I have been doing well with F100A, I guess part of my problem with friendly firing is cause I am always going for F5s and F86s which have tiny IR signals. It is ridiculous how missiles can lock onto the moon though.