Red Army of China Air Force (circa 1930 - 1949) roundel

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Note: This suggestion is imported over from the Old Forum.

Currently, the only custom roundel representing the PRC is the modern version used by the PLAAF since it was officially established after the Chinese civil war in 1949. My suggestion is to add the roundel used by the Red Army of China Air Force, the precusor of the modern PLAAF, into the game to add a bit more authenticity for the Chinese Communist air force during the Chinese civil war.


This roundel is currently only presents in the game on the premium Chinese Ki-45 hei/tei.


Examples of Red Army Air Force’s planes with this roundel:



PLAAF-Ki-43-3.jpg.87f044f7288d64ef37b210 ki301.jpg.80d58d0a30c60ab0484c5c37adbed2

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