Reconsidering the Saetta

Good day all,

After the warhead for the Saetta has been nerfed, it’s become a sideline vehicle. At the battle rating it fights, it gets dominated by cruisers and heavy destroyers, unable to effectively retaliate due to their increased armor. In some cases, the armor on the turrets of these cruisers is too thick for the missile to even damage.

Additionally, at the 4.7-5.7 range, there are hardly any other costal vessels, making the Saetta fight an extremely one-sided battle with no torpedoes for ambush attacks.

I think that until a more decompressed system is realized, it would be a balancing action to move the Saetta to 4.3.

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Its (please correct me) the only coastal at 4.7 - even the russian op’2 PR206 or SKR7 are at a lower BR. Not to talk about the Douglas at 3.7(?) - I also see no reason why the Saetta is at 4.7 as long as the other mentioned boats don’t get their long demanded BR upgrade.

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It is an anti-aircraft boat (in WT - never mind "real life!!) - using it against DD’s and CL’s is just silly.

Been seeing a lot of them and Douglas’s the last few days - played well too - sitting back and taking pot shots at other coastal and aircraft.

The leagcy when DDs having coastal DM. Freccia and Saetta just grind Destroyers back then. And when DDS have bluewater DM, Gaijin just forget about those two ship.

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