Recommended american premium tanks

I’m looking for recommendations for a premium American tank.
I have not played War Thunder for many years. So basically a returning player. I think you can also categorize me as a new player.

for American tanks, i would recommend the M4A5 or the Grant 1 as low tier premiums
if you want a bit higher rank, get the T14 or the Super Hellcat
for higher tiers, get the T114
would not recommend above rank V for a new player


are you only looking for american tanks?

I need A Game Master. I could get perma banned if I do not change my name but I have to pay money, I Do not know where to or how to contact one. pls help

I have a sale guide coming out probably tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, certainly this weekend, and it talks about what premiums are worth it for every nation.

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Not at all the place for this. With that said, please contact a game master listed here via sending them a private message.

I would recommend contacting one who has been online pretty recently so you have the greatest chance of getting a response.

Ah okay cool.
That would be pretty nice.

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That’s the nation i want to complete first.

I agree with this. Not so much the grant, but thats just me :) I’d also point out the M5A1 on the market place is REALLY fun, but it’s a little expensive for it’s BR.

I agree with both of these too, but also want to add that both the calliope and M26-T99 are also fun vehicles. You get something like 80 rockets, again though they are more expensive, but are for sell with GE

those are good tanks, but my problem is that they are rather expensive for the fact that there is nothing different about them besides the rockets. just my opinion though

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Yeah, I have neither one, but I’ve played both the M4 and M26 quite a lot and love them with all my heart. Now you just get a whole lotta rockets. There’s also a sale coming up so I recon we’ll be seeing a lot more around

yeah you have to be very careful with them though because if your rocket rack gets shot you go

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Oh there is a sale coming up?

the may sale starts immediately after the end of April, starts may 1st I believe

are you only looking for American tanks, or are you gonna be looking at planes as well?

Yeah, the summer sale

It should be 50% off for GE vehicle. Plus some of the packs should be on sale

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looking forward to it

Oh I can recommend some planes