Rebroadcast Event streams with drops for other time zones

I personally enjoy watching eSports but i also enjoy getting drops from official streams. When running events like the “Anniversary Tournament Life Stream with Twitch Drops” can we get a rebroadcast later in the day so fans and players all around the globe can have access to the Drops.

“but people can just watch the vod”:
Sure people can find the warthunder esports channel and look for the vod and watch it but it has its limitations

  1. The vod does not have the drops on them
  2. The vod does not show go to the top of your followed channels on twich if you are online, which means it will have less people directed to the video

I acknowledge it is more then 0 effort to host a rebroadcast, as it requires somebody (usually who ever is controlling the OBS software) to save the stream and play the rebroadcast for the 5-7 hours that the stream is running. However i believe it does have its advantages, and it is enough of advantage that other large eSports gaming companies like Riot Games host a “rebroadcast” stream

I would like to hear your thoughts on this, and potentially have this idea recognized by people who could make this a welcomed addition to the WT streaming platforms.

thank you for your time.