Realshatter not being corrected properly especially on Hispanos Mk.V 20mm guns

It is a common occurrence to me that realshatter has not been properly corrected for all types of guns and for all calibers. In specific, 20mm Hispanos Mk.V used to do a fairly decent amount of damage to air targets but now it seems impossible to take down opponents without wasting 40-80 rounds of ammo, or more, per enemy. This is more apparent in jets where it doesn’t seem to do any actual damage to the target plane even at ranges below 200m. In addition to the 20mm I have seem to find out that 12.7mm don’t do the damage they used to do as well. I am not sure if this is meant to be or it is a similar situation with the Hispanos. Generally speaking, the damage output of many calibers of different types of guns in aircraft has seem to be reduced since the last mayor update. To sum up, the aim of this post is to find out what has really happened, if it is a more common occurrence in other players, if it can be fixed and ultimately if it is acknowledged from the devs.

Hold up I thought they removed real shatter from all cannon type guns a couple months ago?

I thought so as well. Well, actually I forgot I they removed it and I should probably reinstate my post in order to avoid misunderstandings. In any case the gist of my post was that the mentioned calibers and guns ( in that case the Hispanos Mk.V) don’t work as they used to, at least from my experience.