Realistic artillery


I would like to have a playable realistic artillery in the game but not only the vehicles like at the moment but also how to use them I know it’s definitely not easy to implement this but it would be a cool and interesting change.

Maybe you could implement it like an artillery computer or with coordinates but we’ll see in the future if such a mechanic makes sense in War Thunder.

I hope you liked my idea and I would be happy about improvements.

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Unfortunately i did not like your idea, how could you counter vehicles like that? all it would mean is random instant death from a person you can do nothing about.

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Same way you do it in World of Tanks? Using terrain to your advantage and moving? Artillery is only a danger for campers - hitting a moving target is nearly impossible. Its role would be to force people out of camping points.

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And this would cause issues for vehicles that cannot brawl, some vehicles like the shturm-s, krisanthema, and many other of the missile boxes rely on sitting still because they cannot fire on the move and when they do fire there is of course a delay on the missile hitting the target.There are many vehicles that can only camp. CAS is how you counter power positions on maps. to clarify, i am not opposed to addive vehicles like the G6 and the bandkanone, but adding a mechanism that makes indirect fire easy would cause a lot of balance issues and in my opinion, would not really be fun to play, and most certainly would not be fun to play against. Look at the community reaction to drones, adding more instant death from nowhere would not be well recieved


Its not about moving all the time - its about not camping in same spot. If you remain in same place whole match - you gonna get killed. But if you move and there is no spotter on you 24/7 then you can stay safe. Artillery needs to know where you are - you either plane or light tank scouting for your location, unless you choose a same position every time, so they can shoot you blindly.

The maps layout is the same every time, so as an artillery peice you could just hit the most common spots from your spawn, or just spam chokepoints. this also buffs light tanks indirectly as it means that you cannot hide after they spot you. Again, randomly dying to something you cannot see or do anything about is not fun and is not good game design.

Yeah… getting sniped from other side of the map happens already today. So its really an weak argument.

yeah but you can see the person sniping you and can snipe back. if there is artillery you will literally be able to do nothing about it. also, just because that can happen, doesnt mean that A. i agree with it, or B. it is a good mechanic

You can see them in your kill screen not before. Especially on early tanks with weak zoom where your enemy at the position he shot you from is max few pixels big that you cannot even see. I always did wonder how they even land this shots as their zoom isnt that good either and there is no range finder on early tanks(higher br its expainable, but shoots across the map very often happen on maps that are only availble in lower br for some reason).

Just remove the arty warning, and this orange smoke. Doesn’t make any sense. A real artillery order, the effectiveness is framed in 2 to 3 shots, depending. I’m not going to put a manual here on how to conduct artillery fire cause I don’t want get arrested here in my job, but after 3 shots or so, the battery is already effectiveness. Cool that they want to put the orange smoke to signal, but maybe in the arcade this would serve, realistically, 2 to 3 shots, zero frame and fire for effect.

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I will prefer damage rework of artilerry because is a long painfull time when instakill everything with direct hit it doesnt matter what heavy tank or russian “paper” non existing futuristic tanks hits its just dead.