Ready rack replenishment speed

What logic is applied to the ready rack replenishment rate?

I’m trying to understand the logic behind the Object 775 having around a 3 second time per round into the ready rack, to 13-14 seconds for the AMX-50 (TO90/930) to around 18 to 20 seconds for a chieftain mk5.

The crew of the 775 behind able to do it in 3 seconds, makes as much sense as the chieftain being around 20 seconds, absolutely none.

So, what’s the logic behind it? Worth a bug report about the 775?

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The ammo rack in the front is feeded to the main autoloader through a press of a button IIRC, crew doesnt have to get out to do it, however im pretty sure turret needs to be facing front, though thats just modeling problem which many tanks have.
"A substantial amount of ammunition was placed in the vacated bow section - 24 guided and 48 unguided rockets, fed into the fighting compartment by a semi-automatic loading mechanism with remote control. "

Wait till you see the CR2s.

AFAIK it is used by the snail for “balancing purposes”.